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Beaute Vital International is run by Marina Sanchez a beauty advocate with a vast amount of experience in the beauty business.


BVI was established to bring unique and exclusive beauty products from Europe, considered to be one of the world's leading experts in beauty products and development.



Marina Sanchez is the face of the North American distribution of Hala Schekar, the leading sugaring experts in Europe. Marina's eye for beauty is what allows her to locate and discover new amazing beauty products from around the world to bring to her clients, such as Hala Schekar. Marina is also our training director for Americaas well as a certified Trichologist.  Marina is working daily in helping men and women reach their ultimate skin goals.

“Beauty Is a Must”


       ~ Marina Sanchez

Sugar-Based Hair Removal: Sweet and Smooth


Eight parts sugar, one part lemon juice, one part water. It’s a recipe not for the world’s thickest lemonade, but for smooth skin. During body sugaring, a sugar paste is molded into a ball with a consistency similar to that of Silly Putty or candy picked up out of a puddle, then pressed against the skin in the direction of hair growth and removed, along with the hair, in the opposite direction. Sometimes talc is applied to the treatment area to prevent the paste from sticking to skin.


Fans of sugar-based hair-removal methods find them to be less painful, less messy, and, given the simple and all-natural formula, less likely to result in allergic reactions. Another variant, sugar waxing or sugar gel, is more similar to traditional resin-based waxing. (Some companies that market their product as “sugar wax” are actually selling regular wax with some sugar added in, so check or ask about ingredients if you aren’t sure.) A sugar gel is applied to the skin using a stick, then topped with a fabric strip that is pulled away from the direction of hair growth. Although sugar waxing shares some of the drawbacks of traditional waxing (such as ingrown hairs, irritation, and hair breakage), cleanup is still much easier. The gel is water-soluble, so it can be washed away more easily than resin-based wax, especially if the wax used to be a box of crayons.



Join BVI in making your hair down there a place of colour and excitement!  Now distributing its full line of Betty Beauty Products. 

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