Sugaring is Organic

Lemon, sugar, water. You could eat it! A paste so sweet and natural it sounds like the recipe for a lemonade

Sugaring is Exfoliates

Sugaring exfoliates skin naturally as oposed to waxing methiods which cannot offer this 

Sugaring is Easy

Frequent visits remove immature hairs that wax and laser can't

Follow our 4 easy steps to be hair free

ONE: Book your appointment


You can book with us via our booking online feature

TWO: Prepare your skin

Avoid exfoliating the area being sugared, two days before/after your appointment.

*Note — hydrating skin regularly softens hair follicles & enables easier hair removal.

THREE: Arrive Early

Arrive for your appointment 5 mins early, with clean dry skin — no lotions or oils.

*To reschedule or cancel please create a client account to keep track of and manage your appointments 

FOUR: Rebook

Rebook your service for 3-5 weeks.
This refines your hair for easier removal.

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